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Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Choose Innovation Over Tradition

What We Do

Setting out to make Title Insurance exciting… A.K.A. making the impossible, POSSIBLE!


You can be confident that our team has dug deep into the public records, hunted down every tax bill, and will quickly provide you information in a simple format. Say goodbye to deciphering confusing reports.


Buyers and sellers alike appreciate Legacy National’s consistent communication and flexible closing options. Whether you arranged to finance or sell the house, you can go ahead and pass the baton.  Together we will finish strong.


"I need to know now!" With us... YOU CAN. Don't ask us to explain how the "cloud" works, what we can tell you is we have cutting-edge tools to allow you to grab the answers you need when you need them. No need to even ask. 


Educating clients and employees is the first step to ensure a secure transaction, then we add technology for the safe transfer of funds, secure communication, and document storage. Cybercriminals, you have been warned!

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